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No questions asked.. [26 Aug 2003|02:18pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

That Sirius guy broke my book!How rude can he be?(I've already delt this with harry)And he expect to get any girlfriends here in present hogwarts.And I think they should stay quiet about asking questions...They might change their own future, which might be good for Harry...but still.It in't necessary for one to know what's gonna happen to you in the future.I should probably put a silencing charm on him... he talks wayy too much and maybe it would make him less arrogant. Well it won't..but it's worth a shot. I'm usually kind and friendly but he's just sending me over the top with his small jokes...It's better to be annoying than scary, blah blah blah. Cough it up mate...cough it up.

4 Hell yeah! + Wizard?

hmm [25 Aug 2003|05:04pm]
[ mood | working ]

I have to run to D.A.D.A. because I'm running kind of late..class with those Slytherin kids is just annoying...later!

27 Hell yeah! + Wizard?

hmm [22 Aug 2003|11:42pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]

I wanna join the Divination Club..why do you ask?I think it would be good for me...also it would give me something to do. Yes I know I have to study for my O.W.L.'s but I'm pretty smart and I'll get O's in all of them (ha..who am I kidding).Plus it would be cool to know things ahead of time and analyze my dreams.Yeah well I'm exhausted...and I know tomorrow is saturday..anyone wanna go some hunting out on Hogwarts grounds?Or outside hogwarts ground -grins-...Good nite!


Tired [12 Aug 2003|01:08am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

School has been killing me. Firenze is my favorite teacher!I love him!!!!!!!!!!!Divination is so much fun. I got Defense Against Dark Arts early at 9am so I can't stay up for long. I had a dream about Luna..I couldn't help it!It reminded me of when I was at my 4th year during the whole Dumbledore's Army...*dazes for a while* well I'm really tired and hallucinating...I need to keep my mind on my work....I wanna get all O's on ALL my O.W.L.'s....yuup yupp.Well I'm passing out.....nite!

4 Hell yeah! + Wizard?

MUm and I... and Dennis =-P [03 Aug 2003|03:53am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

We went to Diagon Alley and we bought school supplies, and some new robes for myself.
-2 Liters of ink for home.
-Prefects Who Gained Power
-Curses and Countercurses (This would be good for a Dumbledore Army's meeting: if we have them)
-Saucy Tricks for Tricky Sorts (Okay there's a Fred and George in EVERYONE)
-Hogwarts, A History (Dennis lost his copy)
-Defensive Magical Theory by Wilbert Slinkhard
-The Standard Book of Spells Grade 5 by Miranda Goshawk
-The Standard Book of Spells Grade 3 by Miranda Goshawk (For Dennis)

-Dress Robes (for Dennis and Me :-D)
-Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans ( my mum loved them after having three, wait till she tastes the vomits one hahaha)

..well that was about it.We had fun with mum...wish dad would of came too...but I'm really glad mum came, since she's never been here to Diagon Alley, always too busy for us...but now she has more time.She's intrigued with the wizarding world... I love you mum!I'm going to bed now...shopping does get you tired.Goodnite!


Ahh [01 Aug 2003|03:26am]
[ mood | awake ]

Hello everyone it's Colin..I know everyones asleep...it's so late.I'm very imsoniac, mind you. I had a busy day, went to buy new robes, get the 5th year books and my dad got me a Firebolt....like Harry!Hear that Harry?We have the same brooms!We need to take picture of us together flying the brooms...how great will that be?=-).Also these chocolate frogs are good...mm..ooh I got a Dumbledore card again!I have too many..they have to start making Harry ones...anyone wanna trade my dumbledore cards?I'm going to bed, Dennis wants to use the computer again...


To Harry from a fellow classmate..I love you Harry! [31 Jul 2003|06:24pm]
[ mood | amused ]


Hello! [24 Jul 2003|10:45pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Hello everyone..um I don't know how to work this thing, but er- I'll figure it out..if I can with a camera I could with this site!My name is Colin Creevey and I'm 15 years old.I'm go to school at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy..I know what you're thinking...I'm not your average kid well I'am.I was suprised to know I got a letter to one of the most prestigious schools in the wizarding world.A world I only discovered at the age of 10.My parents are non wizards making them a muggle and me a mud-blood.I'm a 5th year at the school and my brother Dennis also got his acceptance letter and he is a 4th year.Hogwarts can be fun, but the best thing is Harry Potter...who's he?THE BEST WIZARD THERE IS!!!!I'm a fan...wait his number one fan thank you very much and know everything about the boy who lived and defeated You-know-who...well..this is my journal and you will see me update normaly on wacky wild things, but simply I lead a normal life...Okay Now I have to get off because Dennis wants to get on...rawr..little brothers...Goodbye!


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